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Divination Simone DeLuxe is one of the best and most innovative hair product manufacturers in the world. All products of this line belong to a class known as cosmeceuticals, as they have medical effects, but also give a sense of pleasure and comfort which is characteristic of high-quality cosmetics. DSD products possess significant therapeutic effects which act on hair growth and reduce inflammation in cases of seborrhea, dandruff and structural damage. It is difficult to find another line of hair products which meet these specifications and work as effectively as the DSD product line. We are confident that when you try DSD products, you will not only be impressed by the quality and effectiveness of our treatments, but also fall in love with the rejuvenating sense of freshness.

Procosmetics LLC is the official distributor of Divination Simone Products in the United States. As a small business our origins date back to May of 2000. Since then, Procosmetics has grown and adapted in order to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s needs and expectations. We now exclusively distribute Divination Simone DeLuxe products to our community, because we truly believe in the regenerative qualities of this line. As a small company we work hard to keep our friends and customers happy and informed about the latest products and services. This website is just another way in which we have improved your access to our product lines. This site contains information about every product on our line, along with images and a treatment page to help you better diagnose your capillary condition and choose the right product.

Remember that we will always remain committed to our friends and loyal customers. If you have any questions or concerns please feel encouraged to contact a DSD representative today through the contact form provided, or by simply calling the customer service number listed on the top of this page. Thank you for choosing Divination Simone DeLuxe, we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best hair products available.