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3.1 Dixidox de Luxe Intense Shampoo

Is based on the Placental extract, Caffeine, Capsaicin and plantphytoestrogens. Contains the Saw Palmetto extract asan antiandrogenic component. This shampoo helps to reduce & prevent hair loss.


3.4 Dixidox de Luxe Forte Lotion

Reduce hair loss and stimulate scalpmicrocirculation. This lotion contains Purine and Pyrimidine bases, as well as Caffeine,Placental Protein, vasodilating agents, phytoestrogens and vitamins.

3.4.1 DSD Crexepil Forte Lotion

Reduces intense hair loss and stimulate scalpmicrocirculation. Contains high concentration of Purine and Pyrimidinebases, as well as Caffeine, Placental protein, vasodilating agents,and vitamins.

3.4.2 Crexepil de Luxe Classic Lotion

Cosmetic product for hair stimulation, hair loss and hair thinning treatment.It contains CEGABA, a new stimulating agent for hair growth. The lotion has astrong vasodilating effect.

3.4.3A Fresh Cells de Luxe Wondercell Lotion

This lotion has benificial influence on hair growth. It consists of twocompositions, in the form of Lotion and Concentrate, which, at mixing, demonstratetheir synergistic effect on hair growth.

3.4.3B Fresh Cells de Luxe Concentrate

Has beneficial influence on hair growth. The product contains CEGABA,a new stimulating agent for hair growth. In combination with palmetto,apple stem cells and an antioxidant.


3.4.4 Capixyl + Placenta Shock de Luxe Lotion

Capixyl is a complex consisting of a patented tetrapeptide and an extract of red cover withhigh concentration of Biochanin A, which fortifies, thickens hair and prevents hair loss.

3.4.5A DSD Science-7 de Luxe Lotion

This lotion contains CEGABA which exhibits stimulating properties,increasing the mitotic activity of cells without any toxic effect.It prevents hair loss and stimulates hair strength.


3.4.5B DSD Science-7 Essential Oils

Consists of basic oils and essential oils, which bring shine and softnessto hair while strengthening hair and stimulating hair growth. Regulates sebumproduction and helps control dandruff.

3.4.6 Eyelash Wonder Serum

The formulated Serum helps promote natural lash growth, strengthen and plump them. Lengthens and thickens lashes Stronger lashes Activates the growth of new eyelashes EYELASH LENGTHENING SERUM is formulated with Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, a fatty acid with a long chain of peptides, which stimulates keratin genes and guides cell growth and the secretion of growth factors to achieve eyelashes with a greater appearance and volume. Helps lengthen, strengthen and thicken the eyelashes and significantly intensify the definition of the look. Applying it daily the results are visible in 2-4 weeks.


9.4 Aminopyrrole Lotion + Melatonin

The hair lotion is designed to prevent hair loss and stimulate the growth of new, healthy, and strong hair with a powerful and innovative formula. Aminopyrrole, the main ingredient of this lotion, is encapsulated in liposomes for targeted and direct release into the hair follicles. Rejuvenates the hair follicle Increases hair growth and density Protects against hair loss Promotes better hair anchorage AMINOPYRROLE LOTION + MELATONIN. The hair lotion is designed to help prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth with an innovative formula. It based on Aminopyrrole and melatonin, it contains placenta extract, niacinamide, and mixed amino acids. Aminopyrrole helps strengthen, thicken the hair and improves its anchorage. Due to its liposome encapsulation system, its release is specific and acts directly on the hair follicle, improving the transdermal release of its active ingredients and increasing the active systemic concentration.


Showing all 11 results

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