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Using Paypal

Here at Procosmetics LLC we use Paypal as our primary method of processing online payments. This is mainly due to Paypal’s high level of security and reliability. When using Paypal you can be assured that all of your private information is secure and out of the reach of hackers and identity thieves. Additionally, Paypal allows our business to accept a wide range of payment methods, from credit cards and debit cards to direct payments from any bank account.

Paypal not only makes your online transactions safe and secure, but also makes checking out a breeze. With Paypal, checking out is as easy as entering a password and clicking the payment button. Once you have created your own Paypal account you will no longer have to enter all of your shipping and billing information each time you make a purchase on our site. Paypal will simply remember all of your information and have it ready for you.

Dont have an account with Paypal? No problem. Paypal allows anyone to use their checkout system, having an account only makes it a little faster. If you wish to create an account with Paypal, simply visit and click on the sign-up button on the top right corner of your screen. Paypal will guide you through all the necessary steps. Once you are done setting up your account, simply return to our site and begin shopping.