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Return Policy

My Product(s) Arrived Damaged

We package our products to handle the hazardous conditions which boxes are often subject to during the shipping process. However, it is inevitable that some products may be damaged during shipping. In these types of situations DSD will take full responsibility for the damaged goods. Please package the damaged items or empty containers and return them to the address listed in the shipping label. We will reimburse any shipping costs and replace the damaged items free of any additional cost.

Missing Item(s) or received incorrect product(s)
If this happened to your order, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact a DSD representative through the contact form listed on our website or through the customer service email at We will do our best to expedite your order and get the correct products out to you as soon as possible. In order to cut down the processing and shipping time, we ask that you please provide us with your Name, Address, Order number and a detailed list of the incorrect or missing items. Once we receive your email, a DSD representative will contact you and guide you through the next steps.
Products were harmful / developed allergies after use
Every person is different. While some products may work wonders for a certain group of people, it may not work for everyone. If our products cause any kind of irritation or allergy, we will do everything within our power to find a solution to the problem. If you have any pre-existing allergies, we do ask to be provided with that information before we can exchange your item or recommend any additional products. For re-imbursement information please read our re-imbursement policy below.
Reimbursement Policy
Opened or Used products are subject to a 50% fee. If your order was $100.00, and the item was used before you decided to return it, we will only be able to reimburse $50.00 of your order. Unlike clothing, toys or other items which can be re-packaged, our products cannot be re-stocked once the bottle or flask has been opened. For this reason, we will only reimburse 50% of the total order amount. Unopened or Unused items can be returned for a 100% minus shipping cost re-imbursement. This means, that if your order was $200.00 and $15.00 of shipping, we will reimburse your $200.00, but will not cover the shipping costs. In order to receive your refund, the items must be shipped back to our DSD headquarters (at customers expense) in Jersey City NJ. The refund will be issued after the items have been received and inspected for use or damage.