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9.4 Aminopyrrole Lotion + Melatonin


The hair lotion is designed to prevent hair loss and stimulate the growth of new, healthy, and strong hair with a powerful and innovative formula.

Aminopyrrole, the main ingredient of this lotion, is encapsulated in liposomes for targeted and direct release into the hair follicles.

Rejuvenates the hair follicle
Increases hair growth and density
Protects against hair loss
Promotes better hair anchorage

AMINOPYRROLE LOTION + MELATONIN. The hair lotion is designed to help prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth with an innovative formula. It based on Aminopyrrole and melatonin, it contains placenta extract, niacinamide, and mixed amino acids. Aminopyrrole helps strengthen, thicken the hair and improves its anchorage. Due to its liposome encapsulation system, its release is specific and acts directly on the hair follicle, improving the transdermal release of its active ingredients and increasing the active systemic concentration.